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miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

this entry its dedicated to this perfumeone of them its going to be in my x-mas list
hey new entry today, its time again!!! i think its time again for me to do some bath shopping, i´m going to buy amazing bath and body products so soon you´re going to see a shops of the week , not walgreens or cvs near you drugstore this usually its a drugstore but online which is called www.drugstore .com but anyway, i am going to do a video soon doing this shops here or somewhere else but i am very sure its going to be a bath and body shops of the week so how cool its that, love from me to you keep visiting this blog spot for more updates

jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

new entry yuppi

ice creams are great for these hot days, i love dairy queen not good , i don´t see one near since i move to new york , i  do see carvel, and other creameries or ice cream parlors, but i don´t see dairy queen, but there´s baskin robbin i think , but which is your favorite sundae, ice cream cone? , i love the chocolate dip cone from dairy queen its the economy one and so many peoples fave , if you see dairy queen , please let me know i am hungry for a blizzard ,mine its the one with bananas and vanilla waffers yum my fave, and also the one for halloween which has some pumpkin and  other good stuff