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viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

reflections entry-  hi everyone i hope you´re happy today below a new video from me ,i hope you like i don´t have many friends 
i did this spot so you know me  more ,even if you have not see my face never before in your life . i like to make videos to try to do something with my life since i don´t go to college to see what happen ,i want to be a mother 
but my partner do not want kids any soon ,so not now since i try to do things productive with my life i want to make a new music video ,i also made a new make up video ,so check this too ,a B AND BW video soon this day , have a happy summer 2011 , i hope where you live is not raining like today in here kisses 

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

life is like a lollipop enjoy every lick of it
hi i am giving you a little more update of my life i am doing business may be not clothing at the time but iam planing to do a website for me because i am in love with the www. .com thing my own   site for me to do my things so yeah my store website it is now shut down but my website in general still going so yeah new plans and new stuff and new activities to achieve new updates on this blog check my official youtube blog and my pics blog with some pics of me soon i bought new fragrances which comes youtube videos, new awesome videos are coming soon , new shops ,new luxuries and i am letting the world know, new amazing things coming soon and i love all the things i do daily and all the videos i
do for you, thanks very much for the support you have give me all this time i got new writings on my sites and things like that

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

hi friends so i am here keeping things updated i' ve been washing with a body wash that smell like bubble gum yes i have more videos alot of videos this week
obviously one very very new post this early morning
   bunnies are awesome

 bunnies are unique

 cute and sweet
well no early at midnight or it was like 3 am but it is about products of avon that i bought recently shops of the week obviously more shops  and more videos of  interesting things planing on buying a video camera planing too on doing kitchen things a video of how to make sushi and for the last this entry is dedicated to the bunnies

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011


Hi friends ,if you wonder where is this awesome store hotglam22 that does not have nothing going on
well soon it will have something going on but i still busy doing beauty things beauty and stuff,a fragrance video coming soon and a shops of the week video ,soon a camcorder to give tours of my new place ,and more awesome and creative things at my channel,planing to buy a camera too ,but till then good things are coming
soon , more reviews more shops ,more stuff in my store just see what can i do, that is great and still awesome
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